Minimise absenteeism and maximise
revenues with smarter matching

Maximise shift revenues by matching workers to jobs using commute time data rather than abstract straight-line distances. Reduce no-shows and lateness when every position is easily reachable.

Fill 99%+ shifts including last-minute opportunities, reduce absenteeism by 50%, and cut no-show rate by 30%.

Temporary Work Search Portals

Are you losing out on shift revenues?

Temporary work platforms powered by straight-line distance data incorrectly match workers to shifts that appear nearby but aren’t easily reachable when commuting - causing last minute cancellations, lateness, and absenteeism.


Of temporary workers don’t show up to their shifts


Of satisfied workers think about leaving because of their commute


Workers would rather see listings based on commute time, not distance


Of temporary workers want public transport commute insights

Yet, many struggle to innovate change in a cost-effective way that doesn’t damage performance.

As your commute time calculations partner, TravelTime powers real-time search and a recommendation engine that your customers demand.

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Smarter temporary work search and match,
driving revenue growth

Candidate recommendations that make sense

Build a recommendation engine that displays candidates based on several factors including transport preferences – walking, cycling, driving, and public transport – and predictive models. Ensure you deliver the most tailored recommendations for their needs.
Tailored recommendations

Drive a 10% reduction in no-shows and 15% reduction in lateness

Match candidates with roles that meet their commute time and transport preferences, increasing the likelihood of attendance. Drive a 10% reduction in no-shows and 15% reduction in lateness.
No-shows by -10%

Reduce late withdrawals by 3X

By matching more effectively from the start, you reduce the likelihood of candidates withdrawing from shifts by up to 3X, which saves you money.
Late withdraws by 3X

Identify the perfect candidates that can easily reach a shift

Integrate journey times into your matching algorithms to identify the perfect candidates that can easily reach a shift at short notice, improve relevancy of push notifications and email alerts. Fill 99%+ shifts.
Fill 99% shifts

Global database, accessed instantly

Harness travel time and multi-modal transport data from over 185 countries, to power your temporary work portal, without compromising your speed and performance.

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185+ Countries

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Better Talent Matching, Higher Revenues: How Brigad Built a Commute Time Solution

  • tick iconReduced poor matches by 18%
  • tick iconIncreased talent-mission connection rate by 12%
  • tick iconReduced late withdrawals by 3X
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Until we started working with TravelTime, all we showed was kilometres and straight-line distance, but it made people leave the app."

Grisha Ghukasyan

Grisha Ghukasyan

VP of Engineering at Brigad

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Intuitive APIs and documentation make it easy to get started, and easy to iterate.

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Transform your temporary work portal with unlimited commute time calculations

Contact TravelTime’s experts to start building a temporary work portal that reflects a world that doesn’t work in straight lines.

Get unparalleled technical and account support and unlimited travel time calculations.

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