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Filter and shortlist CVs using real commute times rather than abstract straight-line distances to halve recruiter's search, filtering, and shortlisting process – increasing your revenue opportunities.

Ensure every candidate shown is 100% relevant, increase conversions by 20%, and boost recruiter retention by 30%.

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Are you delivering a best-in-class CV search?

Personalisation of digital experiences, implementation of innovative technologies,
and discovering new candidates have become essential to employers and recruiters.


Of recruiters want to use commute time data to place candidates


Employers want to implement better talent matching technologies


Want to see candidates that can access jobs by public transport


Would rather see listings based on commute time, not distance

Yet, many struggle to meet this demand in a cost-effective way that doesn’t damage performance.

TravelTime ensures every candidate is relevant and within reach, increasing the number of high quality matches, and maximising recruiter satisfaction on your platform.

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CV search and candidate match
made smarter

Real-time candidate commute search

Allow users to search for candidates and deliver results instantly based on several filters including commute time – not abstract distances. Keep users engaged and active on your portal, and reduce exits by 30%.
exit rates -30%

Ensure the most relevant candidates are shown to recruiters and CV searchers

Don’t rely on user preferences and filtering alone. Ensure the most relevant candidates are shown to recruiters and CV searchers with an unbeatable recommendation engine and matching algorithms, powered by TravelTime.
Unbeatable recommendation engine

Increase successful candidate matches by 20%

Recruiters can select a preferred commute mode or choose all modes to maximise the chances of finding the right candidate. Supercharge smarter placement when users have commute time information at their fingertips.
Connection rates +20%

Reduce the noise for recruiters

Reduce the noise for recruiters by only displaying candidates that are within a given commutable time, speed up shortlisting, and see your time to fill roles reduce.
Fill roles 3X faster

Global database, accessed instantly

Harness travel time and multi-modal transport data from over 185 countries, to power your temporary work portal, without compromising your speed and performance.

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185+ Countries

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How The Stepstone Group’s Jobsite Powers Relevancy with TravelTime

  • tick icon40% more relevant results displayed
  • tick icon3 in 4 users adopted commute time search 
  • tick iconIrrelevant candidates dismissed automatically in backend
    to reduce noise
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The API is super fast, easy to use and quick to integrate. We received excellent support from the team."

Heiko Dietze

Heiko Dietze

Engineering Lead for Search Solutions

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Integrate TravelTime into your CV search and recruiter portal

Intuitive APIs and documentation make it easy to get started, and easy to iterate.

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Transform your CV and Recruiter portal with unlimited commute time calculations

Contact TravelTime’s experts to start building a CV Search and Recruiter portal that reflects a world that doesn’t work in straight lines.

Get unparalleled technical and account support and unlimited travel time calculations.

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Increase connection rate by 20%


Reduce exit rates by 30%

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